Troubles with ESP 32 - Adafruit Ultimate GPS Featherwing

Hi guys!
I’m nearly new to Arduino but I’m doing a school project with it.
For the project I need to get the GPS informations to use them as variables for for an output.
The teacher suggest me to use the ultimate GPS Featherwing by Adafruit but now I’m having some troubles.
Since I followed the instructions on the Adafruit website ( Overview | Adafruit Ultimate GPS featherwing | Adafruit Learning System ) when I try to run both the Echotest and the Hardware parsing examples and look at the terminal, it seems like the Featherwing isn’t sending any information to the ESP32.

I really don’t know where is the problem, if I have to adjust the code (I didn’t changed anything from the examples) or if there’s something wrong in how I connected the pins.
I attach an image to show how I connected.

I hope there’s someone who can help me, I thanks you in advance.

You appear to have the TX of the GPS connected to the TX of the ESP32.

Connect the TX of the GPS to the RX of the ESP32.

Serial protocols use different names for the pins. If you do not know what the names stand for, you cannot be sure how to connect them. Wikipedia is usually good enough to tell you the basic connections.

UART TX is Transmit is an output
UART RX is Receive is an input

So, TX needs to be connected to RX and vice versa

As a different example, for SPI it depends which naming scheme is used.

MOSI/MISO + SCLK you need to connect the pins with the same name, because the name contains the function for both sides.

MOSI - Master Out Slave In
MISO - Master In Slave Out

But some use SDO and SDI + SCLK as names. Here you need to connect SDO to SDI and SCLK to SCLK.

Just in case, I do not know how your board connects to the Serial Monitor. If it uses UART0 you can connect your GPS to UART2.

I want to thanks you for the answer and in the end I solved my problem.
Since the I had to switch the Rx and Tx pins connection (sorry for my ignorance) there were other problems…

in a first moment I connected the UART 0 TX and UART 0 RX of the Esp32 to the feather and seemed that nothing changed. no data arriving from the gps

But later I tried to change the pins to UART 0 to UART 2, and to change on the code from:

#define GPSSerial Serial1


#define GPSSerial Serial2

Because I thought that the Serial pins were 2 instead of 1.

I attach the image to see how I connected the pins.

In the end it worked!