Troubles with IR sensor

Im working on a project that has 7 TCRT5000 IR sensors. All are connected to analog pins but i use digitalRead to
get the data I want...
All sensors were working good, until today I noticed that one sensor doesnt work.
The led indicating obstacle responds to obstacle as it should. What doesnt work is the sensor output value.... It reads 0 all the time, and doesnt seem to respond to obstacle...
I tried to replace the sensor, switch pins, even replacing arduino board, but nothing works..
The only thing that i have on my mind that could be wrong is the nano i/o shield... but i didnt do anything with it so i hope the problem will be somewhere else..
Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

const byte SENZOR_0 = 14;
const byte SENZOR_1 = 15;
const byte SENZOR_2 = 16;
const byte SENZOR_3 = 17;
const byte SENZOR_4 = 18;
const byte SENZOR_5 = 19;
const byte SENZOR_6 = 20;

void setup() {
   pinMode(SENZOR_0, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_1, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_2, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_3, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_4, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_5, INPUT);
  pinMode(SENZOR_6, INPUT);

void loop() {


A6 and A7 of a Nano are analogRead only.

A6 and A7 of a Nano are analogRead only.

Thank you!