Troubles with setup and programming.

Our team recently purchased a Makerfire Arduino FPV Robot Kit, with WIFI utility for our robotics competition in a few weeks. We have reason to believe that the kit offers code, we just cannot seem to find it in the documentation the supplier sent us. The link to the robot is below. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

I see this on the sales site:
Module factory has built in a good program, you need to assemble together to play

Do you have a link to the user manual and code that is used to run the robot ?
Hello, friend,
Very thx for your question.
Pls contact us to get the manual, they will send it to you.
Hope it is helps.

So, go to the sales site on Amazon, and see where you can contact the manufacturer. I saw one like to MakerFocus (sold by Makerfocus)