Troubleshooting a shield build


I’ve built a real simple DMX shield, one that is here:

Soldered it all up being careful, but I think I might have bodged something, and was wondering how do I go about testing if something’s wrong?

What is the methodology of testing the connections?


I think I might have bodged something

What is it meant to do, and what does it do instead?

What is the methodology of testing the connections?

To check the soldering connetions, use a continuity tester between one joint and another (but only with pads on the same tracks). A bad joint will not conduct, so the continuity tester will not beep.

Without more info, this is the best I can offer.



It's meant to just be a sheild for sending out DMX, so I have it plugged into a par can (DMX lighting fixture) and set the can to slave mode, so i thought it should be as simple as upload the code, and bam, but no light coming out of par can, have tried several different pieces of DMX code, but none have worked, so I think it must be a connection/hard problem.

And by continuity tester, can I use a multimeter?

Most multimeters have a continuity tester on board. (It is the thing that beeps when you put the probes together). Not too sure about the shield :blush: , but it would be worth making sure the code works, too. That could be the problem, but you said you tried several pieces of code, so it might not be. I would also check the wires you used to connect the shield to the can, as well as any components on the shield. If the can works with another controller, it must be down to the code, arduino or shield. some ideas:

  • Check all the components work
  • Make sure you wired it up correctly
  • Double-check the code works
  • Double-check the can works with the connections provided
  • Check any onboard connections.


Cheers dude, that checklist is what I needed.

I have changed the XLR cable, I've set the can to the correct setting allow control, and works fine on auto, so I have no reason to believe it's the can or wire. Tried different code, so the last thing that's left to be check really is all the connections on the shield.

just bread-boarding now to with different chip to make sure it can work, otherwise there's something even more fundamentally wrong.

Just finished breadboarding, and works fine, the code the wiring the can and the connection. Must be the board, I hope it’s not the resistor!