Troubleshooting PIR.

The LED is ALWAYS ON even when I connect that with a PIR.
Like I am Showing you by the picture, I do not get the expected Result.

please tell what you try to accomplish,

  • you do not ask a question
  • you do not tell the expected result
  • you do not tell what you tried so far ...

The red and black wires of the PIR should connect directly to the battery (no resistors).
The LED should connect directly to PIR output and ground, no resistor.
Because there is already a CL resistor build in the PIR (assuming you are using the HC-SR501 pictured).

Turn the "time" pot fully anticlockwise during experimenting (for the shortest 'on' time).
Leave the "sensitivity" pot in the middle. It does NOT adjust sensitivity.
It's a 'turn on' delay to minimise false triggers.

These PIR sensors are very sensitive.
ANY movement (or hot air rising form a heater) will re-trigger the PIR (leave the LED on).

I am really confused if my PIR is working or not. I have already Tried Many ways. Some from “MAKE:” Some tricks from youtube. (Also Tried with Arduino.)

I did the same as they did in any Youtube Video or Document. But Even when I connect that PIR, “OUTPUT” Port with LED, And connect that VCC with (+) and GND with (-) directly by a 9V battery, The LED lights up and stays Turned ON!

  1. LED-Anode connected with PIR “OUTPUT”.

  2. LED-Cathode connected to the (-) of the bread-board with a Resistor (So that it doesn’t Blow up).

  3. PIR-VCC connected Direct with The (+) row of the Bread-board.

  4. PIR-GND connected Direct with The (-) row of the Bread board.

Start with this: which PIR sensor are you actually using?

Without that info everything else is a wild guess.

That said: did you try putting a cup over your sensor to make sure it really doesn't detect motion?