I’m generally familiar with the use of an Arduino via the offline editor, but I’m just trying Create out for the first time and the plug-in seems to dislike me. While the computer sees the Uno on Com3 and the plugin seems to be running fine, Create insists it can’t connect to the device.

So far, I’ve tried reinstalling twice, restarting my PC, and (of course) switching from Chrome to Firefox.

Anyone have other suggestions?

Thanks in advance,



Hi @ifoundsomewires,
are you installing the plugin while following the getting started flow? Are you accepting the certificates installation?

Hi! Yes and yes.

Are you on Windows? Windows 7? 10?

I’m on Windows 7. I’m working in an unfamiliar network environment, but as far as I can tell, this computer (and the corresponding web connection) isn’t locked down in any way that should interfere.



It can be your Java IDE is keeping the Com busy so the agent cannot access it. Please close your Arduino IDE and only try with create.
The other thing you can do for debugging it is right clicking the Arduino Create Agent icon and then click the "Open debug console menu" It should show a web page to talk with your serial devices. At the end of the page there is a form, please insert the following:

log on

And then


It should be something like:

{ "Ports": [], "Network": false }
{ "Ports": [ { "Name": "", "SerialNumber": "", "DeviceClass": "", "IsOpen": false, "IsPrimary": false, "Baud": 0, "BufferAlgorithm": "", "Ver": "1.0.46", "NetworkPort": true, "VendorID": "board=artik10 distro_version=0.1", "ProductID": "linux" } ], "Network": true }

And paste here the result.


I did this.
I get

{ "Ports": , "Network": false }
{ "Ports": , "Network": true}

Still not connecting