troublshooting with loading the tone library

I just downloaded the Tone Library for my Arduino on my mac. I can't seem to figure out how to load it properly into the Arduino program. Can anyone tell me how to do so?

In the Arduino IDE, click the [u]Sketch[/u] menu item then [u]Import Library[/u] then [u]Tone[/u].

what do I do if under Import Library, there is no Tone?

Ok, there are two kinds of library files one can 'import' from the IDE. The first is those that are 'standard' with the Arduino IDE distribution, as shown here on my windows PC. Note that the libraries folder is located in the arduino IDE folder and that there is no Tone library listed as it is not a 'standard' arduino library.

C:\Documents and Settings\Primary Windows User\My Documents\My Programs\Arduino\arduino-0022\libraries

13 Folders:

ArduinoTestSuite EEPROM Ethernet Firmata LiquidCrystal Matrix SD Servo SoftwareSerial SPI Sprite Stepper Wire

0 Files:

For storing and accessing libraries that you find in the arduino playground section or in the wild from the web, one needs to create a folder called libraries in your normal arduino sketch directory. Below is my 'personal' library folder showing the library folders I have loaded there.

C:\Documents and Settings\Primary Windows User\My Documents\Arduino\libraries

10 Folders:

Button DS1307 Flash MsTimer2 Playtune Streaming String Tone WString __MACOSX

0 Files:

Now when you select import library on the arduino IDE you will note it has separate top and bottom sections. The top section are the arduino 'standard' libraries and the bottom section show the 'contributed' libraries. So you do have to create the libraries folder in you sketch folder and then load any library folders that you want avalible to use in future sketches.

That make sense? It's a harder to explain then to actually setup. ;)


Thank you both, I have the library working!