Trump Wars

I see POTUS has implemented a 25% import tax on chinese goods - I guess that arduino projects will be more expensive for US citizens importing from China now? Or is there exemptions for 'parts' etc... ???

Here's the list of products the tariff applies to:

Link from this press release:

Apparently this subset of them is under review:

Note the subheadings summary in Annex A 2(b) ends with 9033.00 but the list only goes to 9030.89.01. The same occurs in another official source of the list I found. There is an unofficial list that goes to 9033.00.90 here:

I don't know what the story is with that discrepancy and there's no information on what the source of that list was. I believe there have been drafts of the list released previously and the list was trimmed down a bit so there might be outdated lists floating around.

So not good news for anyone wanting to power their arduino project with an 8401.10.00.

I was going to see if aliexpress had one I could put in the garden too..... :wink:

But....8542.31.00 could be a problem..... ?

no worries, i’ll be getting a lot more “gifts” from my chinese “friends”.....

I see China and EU retaliating now. This may not be good for us in the short term.

Question is, what does potus think he will achieve with this?

What does China and eu get from this?

There just too much of this international trade sh*t.

Each country should develop its own microprocessors and its own programming languages and its own cars.


That would put a lot of people to work, perhaps it is Trump's version of a WPA plan like in the New Deal. The duplicated efforts do seem wasteful, but I think people are happier when doing challenging stuff even if it is wasteful duplication.

What does China and eu get from this?

I don't know - but they didn't start it!

But FWIW, China had been buying up US debt for ages, mainly to keep a huge market alive and also I suspect as a bargaining chip if things go bad....... "Ok, you want a fight, pay us back all these debts then....."

Scary in a way.

China didn’t start it. Well, I guess if you don’t count IP infringement and unilateral tariffs.

The debt doesn’t really matter. There is no way to force us to pay the debt. While it might hurt our credit worthiness i think if China calls us on the debts it would hurt us and them about the same amount.

The debt doesn’t really matter. There is no way to force us to pay the debt.

That's good to know. I sure won't be lending you any money :slight_smile:


I see Harley Davidson are moving some production out of the USA, to avoid the tariffs.

I don't think that's what Drumpf intended, but well-done HD.

So looking forward to this

It's always the little fellows that get hurt in these "wars". I might not be buying from small-time ebay sellers shipping from China due to tariff only to find myself at the door of larger-scale sellers that have overcome any obstacles to bring truck-loads of cheap and often low-quality stuff from China to US and sell them here. I'm sure these large-scale sellers having US branches and considerable operations and all US customs people are all as straight as a stick and won't give or take bribes to get their stuff in without paying tariff because they are all so loyal to the republic. Any time the barrier to entry to a market is raised, be it tariff or licensing fees or shipping costs, it's always the little fellows that lose business to the big ones that have more lawyers than you have cousins.

What do you have when all the politicians and lawyers are at the bottom of the ocean?

" A wish come true. "

A good start?

Oh wait, my gf is a lawyer, so all of 'em but her.

“Oh wait, my gf is a lawyer, so all of 'em but her.”

Yes, agreed. :slight_smile:

Thanks Larry. She's retired now (did a stint as a math teacher between lawyering and retiring - I guess to seek absolution - so I think she's actually safe from the Shakespearian solution. But she DOES know more lawyer jokes than anybody I know.

Q: What's the difference between a dead lawyer in the road and a dead snake in the road?
A: Skid marks before the snake.

Q: If you throw a lawyer into shark infested waters, why do they survive?
A: Professional courtesy.

What's the difference between a leech and a lawyer?

One is a loathsome, bloodsucking parasite that attaches to its victims and is difficult to get rid of, and the other is an aquatic worm.

What do you call it when a bus full of lawyers drives over a cliff?

A start!

What do you call it if there was an empty seat on the bus?

A waste!