truncated serial monitor printout

Hi all

I've been running a 54MB sketch for the past 3 years for 18 hours a day & outputting results to the serial monitor where I could examine the serial monitor output at any point during each day's run.

Just lately, I've noticed that the serial monitor output is being truncated at the start.

I usually start the serial monitor from 08:00 & in the past, the output to the serial monitor is recorded until shutdown at 00:00 (midnight). I could examine any part of the day's run from the serial monitor output & correct any programming erros as necessary.

Now I notice that the serial monitor randomly deletes the start of the day's run eg the sketch starts running at 06:30 & I record the printout results from when I start the serial monitor at 08:00. At around 12:00 I checked the serial monitor output which now only shows results from 10:15 loosing over 2 hours of recorded information from the start of the serial monitor.

There doesn't seem to be any pattern to this behaviour but it appears to happen under v1.6.3 so I'm currently monitoring the situation while running the sketch under v1.0.6.

Has anyone else experienced this problem?

Also, where or how is this serial monitor text document stored (I'm running sketch under Win 7 Pro x64)?

I expect the Serial Monitor data is saved in memory and there is some limit to how much it can store.

If you want to log data for long periods I would recommend you write a special to read the input a line at a time and append that line to the end of a text file. What will allow a nearly infinite log on a modern disk drive.

I've been running the sketch today under v1.0.6 & there is no problem with the serial monitor output file being truncated!!

Seems the problem is with v1.6.3.

I'll try running under v1.6.1 & see if the problem returns

The computer I'm running the sketch on (Win 7 Pro x64) has 4GB RAM & I can't imagine a days output would anywhere near this amoount of RAM so I suspect a change has been made to the latest version of IDE that is causing the problem.

Since the sketch appears to run OK under v1.0.6 I'll use that as I have in the past as I don't really need the latest version of IDE

Thanks for your input anyway