Try to get 5Mp .bmp file by using Arduino

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I'm using Arduino UNO R3, ArduCAM Rev.C+ Shield, OV5640 and OV5642 camera modules. I would like to get 5Mp .bmp picture files by using the global shutter (frame exposure): as far as I know, this is possible by using these OV sensors, but I'm not finding out how to do that by using this ArduCAM shield. Could you possibly let me know if it is feasible and how to do that (for example API, etc)? Are there specific ArduCAM or other Arduino-based HW to do that?

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A quick google search for those model numbers looks like all the information you seek is already on

Dear MorganS,

Thank you for answering.
As far as i know, Arducam only has 512K frame buffer, that is unable to store 5Mp .bmp picture, but only small .jpg picture.
Could you possibly suggest something else?

Thanks again.

It depends what you are trying to do. How many frames per second? Where are you storing or processing the images? What have you got working so far?

How many frames per second?
Just still picture.

Where are you storing or processing the images?
I would capture the picture in the frame buffer and then move it to the SD.


Ok then, how many frames per minute?

You probably could use an Arduino to transfer the image to an SD card. It will be slow.

Moving to SD card can go at up to nearly 1 byte/uS if using SDFat.h library and if the card can support 8 MHz SPI clock for transfers (not all can).
5 Megapixel (Mp?), black & white, 1 byte per pixel, = 5 Mbytes of data, will take at least 5.3 seconds just in data transfer time, and there will be pauses every ~520 bytes as that is how much data is buffered for each SD block write, so `9600 pauses. I don't know how long that pause is.
I do know that 16 bit audio (mono) can be captured & stored in realtime, so that's 88200 bytes/second. At that rate it will take ~57 seconds to move the data over.

My first reply to this thread was eaten by the "10 minute limit" monster.

After looking over the ArduCAM site, I don't think there's a way to get a 5MP bitmap from the camera. There is just too much data for the frame buffer to deal with. You can either have a 5MP jpeg or a 76.8KP bitmap.

A 5MP RGB565 image would require a buffer of nearly 94 megabytes.

Perhaps my first question should have been "How many frames per hour?"