Trying to adapt 10-pin touchscreen cable to Arduino Uno

Hello all,

I am trying to replace the manufacturer-standard microcontroller of an EETI Surface Acoustic Wave Touchscreen (AD-ETP-TS-LEO18500G03WP 18.5” SAW Sensor A/G 1 112.31 112.31). The current controller is a TITAN6001 (AD-ETP-MB-TITAN6001 SAW Controller USB/RS23) that was clearly not intended to be programmed by a user.

I am trying to replace the current microcontroller with an Uno. The problem comes with making the inputs and outputs match up. The output of the touchscreen is a 50.AHE02.002 cable, with a 10-pin setup that is, as far as I can tell, nonstandard and does not interface with anything else in the known world. The amazon page for the cable can be found below, but it is a shell, so I went ahead and attached an image of the actual cable as well.

Any advice as to how to find/ jerry-rig an adaptor so that it can input data into the Uno? Or even feed the data from the old microcontroller into the new one? Any and all input welcome and appreciated!

Thank you.

Get some solid wires (from a piece of Cat6 cable perhaps). Stick one end into your socket and the other end into a breadboard. If you get your project to work you can worry about a more elegant solution - such as replacing the socket with something more common.


Thanks, I'll give that a shot.