Trying to build an arduino pirate radio. Don't understand code/err messages


12ian3 wrote (in part):

I’ve been trying to just get the code for this pirate radio thingy to work

Without knowing what it is supposed to do or what is happening instead, how could anyone possibly help? The Instructable seems to be in English, but it is very poor English. I could not make much sense of the little that I read.

How could anyone answer a question that has not been asked?

Instructables are usually a waste of time, and sometimes should be called "Destructables" because following the bad advice given in them can lead to the destruction of your equipment.

I would be very inclined to prune that instructable of all the crap to do with that LCD, losing the LCD in fact, and the tuning pot. Hardcode the Tx fz into the sketch and make things much much simpler for testing purposes, with any necessary debugging to the monitor.

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