Trying to build an automatic PIR sensor 9v FAN.

Hello i am Arduino first timer and need desperate help. my professor told me to make a fan that can automatically turn on when the person approach to the fan.

so i think i have one idea.

I have computer fan which is 120mm and 9v that can use for this project and i have Arduino Uno and PIR sensor. I was thinking hooking PIR sensor and Fan to the board and last 9v battery to turn on the Fan.

i really don’t know what to do next… can any one make a daiagram for me and the code for this project?

i have to do this before day after tomorrow and i need to do this asap… Please help noobby…

You're going to need a buffer between the Arduino and the fan, like a transistor or relay.

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Google Arduino relay and Google Arduino transistor

The PIR should be able to send a signal either high or low and the Arduino should be able to read that signal the Arduino should be able to Output a signal either high or low to turn the relay or transistor on and off that will turn the fan on or off

The IDE has some example programs if you look at button or switch there's the basis of how to see one thing and do another this is a very good beginners project