Trying to burn bootloader, but I keep getting the same error message

I'm following this instructable The $9 Quasi-duino (Almost-duino) : 6 Steps - Instructables , but every time I try to burn the bootloader, it comes up with this message avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: resp=0x00. I believe I have everything plugged in correctly, but I admit I'm having trouble placing the crystal. I've moved it around a few places though and still no luck. I believe the 10uf electrolytic capacitor is protecting the micrcontroller so I doubt I did any harm to it, and I've checked and made sure that the com is correct, its using com3. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty new to arduinos (this is my first project) so sorry if my information seems scattered or there's information I haven't posted but need to!

If your ATmega328p chip came with an Arduino bootloader installed then you will need a crystal or other system clock in order to burn a fresh bootloader. The ISP interface relies on the system clock.

Get the modified ArduinoISP from adafruit: GitHub - adafruit/ArduinoISP: A fork of the ArduinoISP that has 8mhz output clock This generates an 8 MHz clock on Pin 9 of your Arduino UNO. Connect Pin 9 to the XTAL1 pin of the ATmega328p (physical pin 9) to provide an external system clock in place of the crystal.

Thanks so much!! Its working!

Thanks so much!! Its working!

You should write a comment to that Instructable to let others know. Many people buy their ATmega328p from a vendor that burns an Arduino UNO bootloader on it. This causes a lot of problems for anyone trying to make a minimal (internal clock) Arduino clone because the programming instructions usually assume a factory-fresh ATmega.