Trying to code animations in a 16x16 matrix

Hi, im new to all this IDE and c++ stuff, so i need a hand figuring it out. So im using an Arduino Uno with this 16x16 matrix(it is wired the same exact way as in the pictures). I can display a single image with it, but i need to to display multiple scenes (i dont know how to setup a timer, or how to get it to switch scenes or anything). So if anyone could take a look at it, and show me how to adjust the code i would really appreciate it. I tried posting this to Reddit, but everyone just downvoted me because i didnt know what questions to ask, because i have very little clue what i am doing, but really want to learn.
(i have no clue how to format this, so here is the IDE File)

Please read the how to use this forum sticky post. It will tell you how to post code and how to ask a question. We don’t like going off site to get code or images so I have not been able to see your code.

As to the problem, to get the feel of things just use a delay function as a timer. After the delay then do the code for your second image and then delay then the third and so on until you have displayed all your images.

Later when you get to understand what is going on we can tell you a simpler way of doing things.