Trying to communicate between Attiny84 and Arduino Uno's ATmega using RF

I am trying to get communication between ATtiny84 and Arduino Uno to communicate through RFM12B 434 MHz.

I am not using any resistors to connect RFM12B to my Arduino Uno and this is my connection (without these resistors)

The connection I have for Attiny84 is the same way (no resistors between RFM12B to Attiny or Atmega)

Each of the Attiny or Atmega/arduino has LEDs with resistors at pin 7 and 8.

This is the code I have uploaded on both the Attiny and Atmega:

#include <JeeLib.h>

MilliTimer sendTimer;
char payload = “Hello!”;
byte needToSend;

const int rxPin = 7;
const int txPin = 8;

void setup () {
rf12_initialize(1, RF12_868MHZ, 33);

void loop () {
if (rf12_recvDone() && rf12_crc == 0) {
digitalWrite(rxPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(rxPin, LOW);

if (sendTimer.poll(3000))
needToSend = 1;

if (needToSend && rf12_canSend()) {
needToSend = 0;
digitalWrite(txPin, HIGH);
digitalWrite(txPin, LOW);

Problem is that none of the LEDs are blinking and that means there isn’t any communication between the attiny and arduino uno…This is my first time using the RFM12B. Is there anything wrong with the code? I know my wiring is fine since I have ran blink led tests to make sure the led on both arduino and attiny are working.

Have you any reason to believe that library is suitable for an Attiny?

If it is suitable, do you have to specify different pins for different devices?


^ In there you can see that this library works for Attiny so it is suitable. I don't know much about the different pins but the code I got was from a friend and he said that if you upload it to both the uno and tiny and if LED are blinking, their communication works. My LED aren't blinking so I don't know what I am doing wrong...Maybe I should just use the resistors and follow the Jeelibs example code instead of using this code? This way I can follow whatever they are doing and then write my own code? The whole resistor wiring is an annoyance though since I have enough wires around the circuit board already.

If your friend has actually done this successfully then he should be able to help you.

If he hasn't actually done it then treat his advice as worthless.

I don't know how the JeeLib code is supposed to work. If it was my project I would study how the RFM12B devices work and then write my own code.

Perhaps you can submit questions to JeeLib?