Trying to connect a D1 mini V3 clone with CH340 uart to MacBook Air OS 10.15.7

I'm trying to communicate with a arduino-clone, that is using a ch340 uart for USB.

To manage that, I used the driver, provided by the manufacturer, available on GitHub: GitHub CH340

I used version 1.5, after I made sure, that there is no ch340-driver on my Mac OS 10.15.7 Catalina in /Library/Extensions/.

Following the recipe, given on GitHub, the driver occured at the correct directory. Great! There were no security problems, because the driver is signed by the vendor.

When I plug in the device, it's not recognized. To check it, I use: ls /dev/cu* or ls /dev/tty*. When I plug in an arduino uno, it's recognized and the usb-entry occurs.

Has anyone a good idea, what to do?

Kind regards Mike

Problem fixed.