trying to connect an Arduino mini pro (3.3 V) to the SIM908 break out board


I am trying to hook on an Arduino mini pro (3.3 V) to the SIM908 break out board (see Small Breakout for SIM908 GSM&GPS Module- Compact board with the GSM/GPS SIM908 module- a 20-pin male, but I run into difficulties.

I managed to start the SIM908 modem from within the example SMS Arduino code from this link: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.. I also followed the schematics shown here: for my connections from the Arduino mini pro (3.3 V) to the SIM908 break out board. Currently I have connected: D2 and D3 for the SoftwareSerial Tx and Rx connections (PIN 12 & 14 break out), D8 for ON/OFF (PIN 1 break out), D12 to DTR (PIN 10) and D9 to STATUS (PIN 16). I guess with these I should be able to get the modem registered to the network, but it does not. I see in the Arduino IDE's serial monitor the following output: "GSM Shield testing status=IDLE".

The modem has its power through the raw pin from the Arduino, which has its power from a 3.7 Volt 2600 mAh Lipo battery. That must be able to give a 2 A boost to the modem, when it needs it. Level converting does not seem to be necessary, with the Arduino PINS at 3.3 Volt.

Who can help here?

Thanks in advance!

Dear 3dotter,

Did you solve your problem?
I have the same configuration excepted that I use a Arduino mini pro 5V.
It would be very nice from you if you can help to make my arduino mini pro 5V working with my SIM908,
Do you have a schema of wire connection, exemple or tuto

Many, many, many thanks to your help if you got a solution