I have some problems trying to connect the microcontroller sparkfun esp32 thing to google cloud iot. My objetive is to send telemetry from the groove data sensor to google cloud iot. In my case, I am using the DTH11 sensor to send both temperature and humidity.

I have executed this example:

But I have some errors once I compiled the sketch. I am having some problems with the library WifiClientSecure.h and I am testing it on Windows 10.

C:\Users\Jesus\Documents\Arduino\libraries\WiFiClientSecure\src\ssl_client.cpp: In function 'int start_ssl_client(sslclient_context*, const char*, uint32_t, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*)':

C:\Users\Jesus\Documents\Arduino\libraries*WiFiClientSecure*\src\ssl_client.cpp:144:67: error: **'mbedtls_ssl_conf_psk' was not declared in this scope

(const unsigned char *)pskIdent, strlen(pskIdent));**

¡Thank you very much!

Please do this:

  • File > Preferences > Show verbose output during: > compilation (check) > OK
  • Sketch > Verify/Compile
  • After the compilation fails you’ll see a button on the right side of the orange bar “Copy error messages”. Click that button.
  • Paste the error messages in a reply here USING CODE TAGS (</> button on the forum toolbar).

If the length of the output exceeds the forum’s 9000 character limit, save it in a txt file and post it here as an attachment. If you click the “Reply” button you’ll see the “Attachments and other options” link.