Trying to control volume with a pot but it is very noisy.

Hi, I have connected a 1k potentiometer to the arduino using A0 port.
I need to get clear values from 0-100 and these values should not change if I do not turn the knob, however the potentiometer shows +-60 values without me touching the knob.
What can I do? I need it to be precise to control volume.
Thanks a lot.

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Code: Serial.println(AnalogRead(A0))
Shematics: simple potentiometer: vcc, ground, A0
Results: When I do not rotate the knob the values jump. I can move it to 430 and leave the knob and the values will jump from 350-500 sometimes even higher.

What I am asking is which component should I use to get clear values without getting any noice
What components are used to control audio

Your code doesn’t compile for a number of reasons.
I can’t see your schematic.
Please try harder.

What I am asking is which component should I use to get clear values without getting any noice

Sounds like you have a faulty pot.
You will never get a steady reading from an A/D due to the way they work, but you can get a +/- 1 least significant bit repeatability.

You want to quantify the potentiometer, learn about hysteresis, a core scientific concept!

You pot may indeed be at fault, or dirty. You’ll still need a bit of the old hysteresis to get 100 levels that are stable.

@6v6gt lays it out, see this thread for a start.

edit: the tutorial here:

HTH and a tip of the hat to 6v6gt


You didn’t say which Arduino.
Jumping values could be connection/wiring/breadboard/pot problems.
Post a picture of the setup.

Try this sketch (after you have fixed the problems).

// converts the position of a 10k lin(B) pot to 0-100%
// pot connected to A0, 5volt and ground

int rawValue;
int oldValue;
byte potPercentage;
byte oldPercentage;

void setup() {

void loop() {
  rawValue = analogRead(A0);
  // ignore bad hop-on region of a pot by removing 8 values at both extremes
  rawValue = constrain(rawValue, 8, 1015);
  // add some deadband
  if (rawValue < (oldValue - 4) || rawValue > (oldValue + 4)) {
    oldValue = rawValue;
    // convert to percentage
    potPercentage = map(oldValue, 8, 1008, 0, 100);
    // Only print if %value changes
    if (oldPercentage != potPercentage) {
      Serial.print("Pot percentage is: ");
      Serial.println(" %");
      oldPercentage = potPercentage;

Thank you all for the elaborate response.
I am kind of new to Arduino and I am very happy to see such supportive community.

I'll try the things you sent and give you an update once done.

Thank you all!!!