Trying to convert SM130 RFID module to I2C, getting timeout error

I'm trying to convert my SM130 RFID module to I2C using a chipless Uno. I have the right port on my computer selected, and the Uno pin 1 wired to pin 12 on the SM130 and Uno pin 0 wired to SM130 pin 11. However, whenever I close the port in the firmware upgrade software and hit "auto upgrade," all it says is "Timeout.No Response." What am I doing wrong??

You have a bootloader on the chipless Uno, and something creating a Reset pulse to start the bootloader looking for a download sequence?

I think so. How can I check for sure though? I'm pretty new to Arduino.

I think the issue is the latest firmware that is on it, UM1.3d2, has different serial commands for reading and writing to the firmware. Does anybody have the latest firmware uploader software?