Trying to create a circuit using a MPR121 and a vibration motor.

Hello, I’m currently trying to create a circuit that when you touch an electrode connected to an MPR121 touch sensor it turns on an ROB-08449 Vibration Motor.

Due to my lack of experience with circuit boards I am current struggling to find a good way of putting everything together.

To start with I have been using this guide by Bildr to the MPR121 and I can get the circuit and the code working but when it’s time to put the vibration motor on the board I don’t know where it should go. I have been using YouTube tutorials and vibration circuit from the Arduino cookbook as a guide.

I’ve attached some images of a few of the attempts I’ve made getting the vibrator motor attached. The first one was trying to follow the schematic, while the later two was more of a simple attempt. The MPR121 is set up as normal, but I’ve left the electrode wires out right now to reduce clutter.

The motor is rated at only 75mA, so a simple darlington transistor would be good (dropping 1.5V to bring the 5V supply down closer to 3V that the motor wants). As always with inductive loads a free-wheel diode is required, checkout any of the many threads about driving relays or motors (single direction).

One of your photos (please size them correctly) shows a 1k resistor in series with the motor - cannot possibly work, the motor needs much more current than that.

Note that almost no motor in existance can be driven direct from an Arduino pin without exceeding its ratings, I hope you haven't tried that.