Trying to create a Eddystone BLE scanner with MKR1010

I have been using the standard BLE library to write the scanner code and have been able to see, identify and filter the tags I am reading using the standard BLE library. I can configure most of the tags to have a local name. I use that local name to identify the tags I want to read and process vs those that are random tags roaming about near me that I want to ignore. I am looking at some new very good BLE tags but unfortunately they do not broadcast the local names. they are setup to support the Eddystone UUID and TLM protocols. so I was wanting to use the Major namespaceID to filter from as all of these tags have the same Major namespace ID and then use the address to determine the specific tag I am receiving beacons from. the problem I am having is it does not appear that the standard Arduino BLE library has any functions to get the actual 16byte UUID that has the major and minor namespaces. so I am stuck. does anyone know of any supplemental BLE libraries that I can use to incorporate in my code to get to the manufacturers service data so I can parse this data?

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