Trying to decode a unknown serial data

Hello all .. need some help trying to figure out what protocol might be used in serial communication it is between a specialized ic and sends data back and forth with mcu on pcb. It has a clk and din and dout ive found from datasheet. Ive attached a screenshot off part of the signal maybe somebody can help point me in the direction on protocol. i believe it may be some type of custom serial protocol . Thanks

It seems to be a SPI bus and perhaps your capture missed a few clock pulses.
There is often a ChipSelect to be able to use the SPI bus for more than one device. But sometimes there is no ChipSelect.
The clock shifts data in and out, 8 bits per byte.

Yea exactly what i was thinking.. how would i go about determining the speed of spi for testing ?? is there a way to calculate that? I can upload another capture to see if that would help better. I havent tried and spi code yet but my end goal is to recreate the message that are being sent to the special ic so i can use that ic in my project.


Could be difficult.
You have groups of 4 clocks, 5 clocks, 6 clocks, 8 clocks.

here is a capture at 2mhz resolution maybe that will help also!!


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