Trying to determine the best type of motor to uses

Hi Im trying to build a spinning disk with a rough surface to remove skin from vegetables this will be powered by a motor.
Im struggling how to determine the force that will be acting on the disk when someone presses a vegetable against it and how i would go about selecting an appropriate motor.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Are you trying to build ONE of these or design a manufacturable product?

You probably need to experiment with a specific disk and a variety of vegetables (and maybe a Kevlar glove if you don't want Human Flesh among your data)...

You need to measure torque and RPM. Torque can be done by arranging the motor/gearbox output to be free to rotate, restraining it with a lever, and measuring the force at a known lever length.

Based on the unit I use often in my kitchen, there is "quite a bit of torque" when I use it (by hand cranking).. Maybe um... at least 10 inch-pounds as ROUGH guess.

If you can make a mock-up of your disk so it rotates with the shaft horizontal you wind string around the shaft (or the edge of the disk) and use a weight hanging on the string to spin the disk. You could then find what weight (and hence torque) is needed to get the peeling effect you want. Cheap and cheerful.

You will also need to ensure that the motor can be stalled without damage when someone overloads it.


Thanks for the quick reply, im trying to build it as a prototype for a personal project.

basically i have made a prototype for a old motor, a bucket and a sanding disk. I have worked out it runs at 500rpm off a 3V power supply. Using a push to make switch to start up the motor so if the user removes their hand it cuts power to the motor.

im trying to work out what type of motor would be more effective.
the load the motor needs to carry
Other things like bearings selection