Trying to figure out how to use Capacitive touch sensor to send MIDI values

Hi everyone,

I have been googling this topic and watching tutorials for two weeks now and I'm now at the stage where google links are no longer blue but purple as I've been into them all and still not figured out my issue.
I'm hoping someone can help me here. I'm currently receiving in my serial monitor recorded touch information from 12 electrodes attached to an MPR121 which is attached to my Leonardo.
This part is working perfectly. However, the next step I am lost. How do send that electrode one is MIDI note 60, electrode two is MIDI note 61 and so on? How do I make useable MIDI information from these electrodes?

What MIDI interface are you using?

Post your existing code. It shouldn't take very much more than adding some MIDI sends after your existing Serial.prints. There are loads of examples of sending MIDI notes with switches as input. Your touch sensors are basically just switches.