Trying to find an Arduino project...

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this; I'm sortof seeking some "Lost & Found" type help.

A year or two ago, I stumbled across an article on the web; the author showed a build log and some snippets of code where he had used an arduino to balance brushless motors used for RC aircraft.

His setup was crude, yet elegant in its simplicity; the code self-attenuated the signal, and he used an arduino to trigger an LED strobe to identify the heavy side of a brushless motor loosely screwed to a board with one leg resting on a piezo disc as a sensor.

He described the working of the device, IIRC, as "triggering the strobe at 90° to the angle of the hinge" or somesuch. This is all I can remember; unfortunately after searching for hours for "arduino motor balancing" the article I'm looking for is either gone or drowned out by a sea of "arduino self-balancing robots" related articles. I'm hoping someone here somewhere made note of this article, and either has saved it or a current link to it.

Thank you for your time,

Paul in "The middle of Nowhere, TX"

Any help?

This also look kinda promising:

Are you trying to build a balance unit too?

The MIT article I'm familiar with; I actually have a video on youtube about using common LED flashlights as a strobe to help diagnose vibrations in microheli frames, etc.

The second one sounds a bit closer; at least he's on about balancing the right kind of thing. But it's really not the thing I'm looking for. His method requires making a jig for every armature; the elegance of this guy's setup is that it uses the motor itself as it's own power source, so it gets a truly dynamic balance of the motor exactly as it is going to be used. One can even, in theory, balance the props right along with it.

Dang. I REALLY wish I'd saved that whole web page to my hard drive...

I wish my kung-fu weren't so weak; I know how he BUILT it. I just have no clue where to even begin to program it.

I guess I'll have to build it and then see if I can get some help with the software.

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