Trying to get my BLE Bluefruit LE Shield to scan for local beacons

I'm trying to use the Bluefruit LE Shield to look for all the local BLE beacons. I can find tons of examples where this becomes a beacon but I can't find any commands where I can search for all the local beacons and discover their signal strength. Does anyone know if this is possible or do I need a different device? Any help on this would be great.

have a look at this post - probably the same with the Bluefruit LE Shield

We have no examples using the nRF51822 in Central mode (which is what you want), though Nordic does have some if you want to dig into it yourself and the board is capable of operating in both modes. Have a look at the S130 SoftDevice and SDK on their website, but it isn't something we're likely to support in the near future ourselves due to lack of demand compared to the significant investment in time developping a new Central codebase and command set.

hmm, that may be it. It can be used as a BLE beacon (I can do this) so it seems to contain the BLE technology in some capacity. It seems like that would be the more difficult function of the two (transmitting versus receiving).

Is anyone aware of a shield that can detect BLE beacons?

Have a look at and => This branch is to provide BLE concurrent Central and Peripheral using Nordic SoftDevice S130 and also provides support for the Arduino IDE to compile nRF51822 firmware.

Some hacking required