Trying to get this program to work. Not watning to download into pz

hello, my name is elliott. And ive been having trouble with istalling the adruino uno into my computer. When im in the probgaram and try to upload somthing to the board it says avrdud: sl-k500_getsync( ):not in sync: resp=0x30 avrdude:stk500_disable( ):protocol error, exept=0x41, resp=0x51 or it says avrdude: ser_sen( ): write error: Sorry no info avail Im and doing a project with arduino because im makeing a lol shield from jimmy p roger. And i have windows 7 64 bit. If someone can tell please what im doing wrong that would be great. Also right now im getting the second error the most. its only when the file goes corrupt is when i get the first. But please this is my first time ever with arduino and i spent about 100 dallors on this project. Im only 13 and i really want to get in the technology area/feild. So please if you can some one out there please help me. Thanks and have a great day. Elliott

Hi Elliot,

Best place to ask this question is;,2.0.html

maybe admin can move it there…

But go over there and look at the first two “sticky” posts…

win7 has had a few problems and there are solutions discussed over there. You are having driver/communications problems… People there will help you out.