Trying to get USBhost shield to work

I have a recently purchased Arduino Leonardo and Sparkfun 9947 (MAX3421E-based) USBhost shield and can't seem to get it to do much. I'm using Arduino 1.6.11 and I've installed the USBhost shield library 2.0 v1.5.0.

First I tried the USBHIDBootKbd example, but while it starts, it doesn't respond to keypresses on keys. I've read that this may be caused by not providing enough power to the keyboard.

I then tried the USB_desc example with a few tiny USB devices (e.g. thumb drives) and learned that it never gets past the 'is running':

void loop()

if ( Usb.getUsbTaskState() == USB_STATE_RUNNING )

I don't know if this example is looking for a USB hub or something? I've tried adding a jumper across pin 7 and RST like some random pages say, but it makes no difference.

Is there a simple diag example that I could use to see how far it's getting? Alternatively, is this not the recommended library for this board?

the shield connects the Arduino's hardware SPI pins (D10-13) to the MAX3421E.

The Leonardo DOES NOT have the SPI interface on the same four pins. To use an SPI device with the Leonardo you have to connect through the ICSP header.

wow, thanks John. I suspect that I would have had to do a lot of reading before discovering that. I'll try jumpering them across, but the Sparkfun board doesn't make it easy.

I believe that library has a board_qc test example you can use to test if it's working correctly too