Trying to get wigand HID card reader to work

Here is the situation. I have an inProx KANTECH P325XSF HID card reader, a HID ProxCard II An arduino uno And zero experience.

I'm trying to use the code here to read the signal from the card reader, but I'm not sure if I have a coding issue or if the card is incompatible or what.

Anyone have any wiegand experience / knowledge to share?

You have some code that does something. You expect the code to do something when you do something. You have not told us what any of those three somethings are.

I have the card reader connected to the arduino (It uses wiegand I found out, so it has +5v, ground, D0, and D1) and the arduino connected to my computer via usb. What I want to happen is when I tap the HID keycard against the card reader, the arduino will read whatever signal the card reader gives and push it to the arduino IDE's console.

Tap -> beep -> number on screen

It uses wiegand I found out, so it has +5v, ground, D0, and D1

The fact that the reader returns data in Weigand format and the fact that it has those 4 pins that need to be connected are not related.

Where have you connected the reader's D0 and D1 pins?

Have you Googled for Wiegand Arduino to see how other people have solved the problem? It HAS been done.

I know it HAS been done, but I havn't been able to get it to work. I was hoping someone who would know more about the readers would be able to confirm the card / reader are compatible by the model numbers, or that someone who has used a wigand library to connect to proximity card \ ioProx readers could give me a hint on what library to use how how to set it up. What I've seen mostly is people using wiegand RFID tag readers, and I'm not sure those libraries are compatible with my device.

PaulS: Where have you connected the reader's D0 and D1 pins?

According to the source code I inked in the first post, I connected D0 and D1 to pins 2 and 3 respectively, as per "Connect the green wire (DATA0) to Digital Pin 2 (INT0). * Connect the white wire (DATA1) to Digital Pin 3 (INT1)"

I then compile and push it to my arduino, but I'm not sure how the code is supposed to be used. I expected to be able to just scan the card I have and see some kind fo console output, is there something I'm missing?