Trying to install bootloader on Osoyoo Pro Micro Atmega32u4

Hi, So I've got a little project that needs an atmega32u4. Because I'm a cheap I bought a chinese arduino, I guess pro micro, clone. Specifically, this osoyoo.

Okay so first of all, plugged into my mac every LED on the board turns on and stays on. That's two red LEDs and a green one.

Now, for my project I just need the bootloader burned onto the chip. I... have no idea how to do this. I tried using the arduino IDE, which recognizes the board as a Genuino Micro, but trying to burn the bootloader using the arduino IDE interface just gives me nothing more than "error burning bootloader" message.

I'm not a big microcontroller user. I don't know what the hell is going on. I need help.

Also, as a corollary, do any of you use the dfu-programmer thing?

If I run a command like

make -f Makefile dfu

and then get the output

sh: dfu-programmer: command not found sh: dfu-programmer: command not found -n dfu-programmer: waiting -n . -n .

Can anyone tell me what's going on? I have literally not a clue.

Thanks. I'd really appreciate help on this.

You need to connect an ISP (in system programming) programmer to the Pro Micro to burn the bootloader. If you don't have a dedicated programmer you can use another Arduino board as "Arduino as ISP". Do a little research, there are lots of tutorials for this.

As for the DFU thing, I haven't done it, maybe someone else will help.

It's not clear why you want to mess with burning the bootloader or DFU. This shouldn't normally be necessary unless you're trying to do something advanced. Please explain.