Trying to interact with Arduino on Ubuntu

I'm trying to learn the world of Linux (Ubuntu 11.10), particularly command line interfaces, so I installed Linux on my netbook and on a rig picked up from the dump.

Things are going great on my netbook - the IDE works fine. However, on the other rig, with the same exact installation, the IDE doesn't work. I found the device by doing: "ls /dev -al" and established a serial communication with it. I did notice, however, that it showed up as "ttyASM0" on the netbook where it works, but as "ttyACM0" on the desktop where it doesn't work.

Any idea on how to fix this and why it would show up with two different names?

What's the error message you get when it doesn't work? It shows up as ACM on my computer. You could try looking in /etc/udev for how linux mounts things.

My error is that in the Arduino IDE, under Tools, the Serial Port option is blacked out and inaccessible. I was only suggesting the difference in names between the rig where it runs (ttyASM0) and where it doesn't run (ttyACM0) as a possible symptom that could help with diagnosis.

Am reading up on this /etc/udev stuff but it's a brave new world to me...

Bump - anything I should try other than reformatting the thing? I did the exact same Arduino IDE installation but for some reason Tools | Serial Ports is greyed out despite me seeing seeing ttyACM0 in the file system...

Nevermind - a few restarts later and we're good!