Trying to learn how to control outputs for the first time.

Trying to learn the electronics involved with arduino. I have so many uses in the auto field if I could appropriately understand how to set up some of my outputs. I could find many uses for outputs just based on a simple timer. That is my goal currently, to controlled a few outputs based on a timer.

I'm a little overwhelmed by how all this works. I've seen transistors, MOSFETs, relays, reed switches, etc...Im confused on what best fits my applications. I'll add a list of my outputs.

Please feel free to reccomend different parts as well!

1.) Boost control solenoid. 1/4npt or larger air solenoid. Must operate at least to 25psi. Must be durable. Will be controlled with pwm.

Dislike the price on this.

2.) Methanol pump. More than likely will be a shurflow 8009 pump. Looked the spec up online and saw 12v, 4.5amps. I need at least 60psi, and 1 GPM. Must withstand a 50/50 mix of water/methanol.

3.) Methanol solenoid. Don't really know what I will run here. Needs to withstand 50/50 mix of water/methanol. Has to work with up to 200psi.

4.) Nitrous solenoid. Already have this. Says 12v 1.8amp draw.

Please feel free to reccomend me more budget friendly products and just a little help or links in how to wire this all to an output on arduino.

My advice --- don't!

The stuff you are fooling with is dangerous. If you have no idea how to do what you are trying to do hire someone who is qualified and has the knowledge to design it for you,

a) What does choosing pumps have to do with Arduino and "general electronics"?

b) If we help you do the research, do we get shares in

c) If you're a newbie, there's no way you should be selling these to people. This stuff explodes and burns people alive if it fails.

If anything, I would feel as if arduino could make using these products more safe. For example: Nitrous and alternative fuel solenoids have been activated by a simple switch under the gas pedal for years in racing. With arduino, I could use input from a wideband sensor to disable the solenoids under failsafe conditions.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my questions. I am not affiliated with any company, and don't plan to resale anything. Not asking for anyone to do research for me. I just didn't know the interests on this forum, and if anyone has used any items similar in their own projects.

I am sorry if I offended anyone with my questions.

Not offended but there are all sorts of warning bells sounding.

We deal with beginners every day and see what can go wrong when they are just trying to light an LED. A car is a very hostile environment for electronics and interference can trigger a reset or spurious output unless you are very careful. I takes a lot of skill to design a safe automobile circuit and we are warning you that you don't have that skill yet. In fact the manufacturers of the processor chip in an Arduino say it is not to be used in a life support or automobile applications.

I just didn't know the interests on this forum.

You could try reading a few posts before charging in...get a feel for the place.

A suitable question for this forum might be:

I've got a EBC Electronic Boost Control Solenoid Mac Valve Kit with Hardware and I want to connect it to my Arduino. I've tried this circuit (insert circuit schematic here), using this code (insert sketch here) but it doesn't work. This shows you're making an effort and aren't just asking people to do your job for you for free.

PS: Even better, you could post in the section called "Motors, Mechanics, and Power" (a bit further down the list).