Trying to load a Bootloader into the ATmega328p with an Arduino Mega

Hi there guys,

I am trying to find some help with something i am trying to work with, i wanted to load a bootloader into the Small Package of the ATMEGA328P, since it’s the same IC in a different package, so i made a PCB just to load the bootloader by using the Arduino Mega 2560 i have.

i followed the instructions of these videos;

  1. Como Crear un Arduino (Grabando el Bootloader de Arduino al Micro) - YouTube
  2. Crear Arduino UNO--Cargar Bootloader ATMEGA328-P con Arduino MEGA y UNO - YouTube

I will leave the PCB Files and scheme i used, i made it by following the guide. i am using the Arduino as ISP example and loading the bootloader, there is not much sience on it.ç

i would love if you could help me out with this

this is the error i am getting

Change Pin 53 on the Mega2560 to Pin 10 and your auto Reset will work better.