Trying to locate Aquarium Controller Project... Have fotos, but no link.

About a year ago I came across a project that I can no longer find. I've searched on so many keywords for hours.
It was an Aquarium Controller. There are SOOOO many of them. I really liked the user interface this guy created and I'd like to find the thread again. A

ll I have as a reference is a Photo they posted of their user interface. If any of you recall this Project / Thread can you submit a link to it?

Google search allows you to upload images

Check - Robo-Tank DIY All-In-One Aquarium Controller - YouTube

After more searching. I finally found the source for this project.
Here's why Search from didn't work too well:
The thread was simply titled Error Msg. Well that wasn't helpful. :S

But that thread did point to a link from which contains a thread some 93 pages long where several members cooperated on code, circuits and shields to build an Arduino Mega based Aquarium Controller. It's nice stuff.