Trying to make a countdown with a arduino


I looking for some help to make a countdown relay box with a OLED 1302.

it's probably been made before, but I can't find any code online.
Does anyone want to help me make a code for a countdown?

set hours 5 min max
must be programmable with buttons not encorder
must be programmed to an OLED 0.96 128 × 64 i2c
must be able to turn a relay on and off.
And it would be great if it could write "TIMER" at start up

Best :slight_smile:

Are you asking someone to write the code for you? I've done similar projects.

There is loads of examples of using the OLED display.
I just searched OLED TIMER ARDUINO on google.

Also Oled timer - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum

The Led modules are on ebay so some code must exist.
The count down Timer part is super simple in comparison.

I do not have any led modules other wise would bang out an example for you to work with.
Are you able to edit an example if you find one or have you looked and it seems to hard.?