Trying to make a sound reactive LED (Lilypad)


I am completely new to Arduino and I am wanting to create a sound-reactive LED for a wearable using a lilypad. I have attached a photo of the sound sensor I am using and the lilypad pins. The code i have used is :

#define LEDstrip 7

void setup()
pinMode(7,INPUT); //SIG of the Parallax Sound Impact Sensor connected to Digital Pin 7
pinMode(LEDstrip, OUTPUT);


//this function will make the LED dim once the Parallax Sound Impact Sensor sends a 1 signal, and then return to it’s original brightness.
void loop()
boolean soundstate = digitalRead(7);
if (soundstate == 1) {
analogWrite(LEDstrip, 255);


The error messages I get are:

avrdude: butterfly_recv(): programmer is not responding

avrdude: error: programmer did not respond to command: exit bootloader

Again bare with my noob experience and any guidance will be greatly appreciated thankyou (:

This does not sound like a programming issue but more like a tools/setup issue. I recommend you read the following page. Including the getting started and follow all the links on that page.

If that does not help. Change your post subject to something like LilyPad programmer/bootloader connection issue and post it in the AVRdude, stk500, Bootloader issues sub forum, so people who have the board can help you.

Skimming trough the posts there might help as well. :slight_smile: