Trying to make MIDI controller which can control octave nove by pressure

So… I’m going to use ableton Live, and I’m making some kind of drum pad.
With using piezo, is it able to connect the pressure of piezo to octave nove?
I wanna make the sound lower when I it softly, and becomes higher when I hit the piezo stronger.

I thought about using “if” term and making sections so MIDI outputs differs on the pressure, like, if I set the pressure to 100~1000, then in 100~200=C, 200~300=D,… but codes would get so complicated and long. Also it would me harder to sound like climbing stairs, not smooth…
Is their any way I can set the pressure in analog way and control octave nove in ableton Live?

but codes would get so complicated and long.

Only if it were poor code.
Write something and post it asking for advice.

Have you tested your sensor to make sure you can get those differant readings from differant hits?