Trying to make stepper 28byj-48 runs for more than 16 revolutions with Ard. Uno

I use Arduino Uno (WAVGAT) + stepper 28byj-48 uln 2003 with separated 5 V power supply. The code I use is attached.
I know that Arduino Uno is 16-bit and it range from -32768 to 32768 value and if I devide that with 2048 (32 steps mode) I get 16 revolutions of shaft. If I could change code to 32-bit that would give me more than 16 revolutions. Also some loop command im code could help me.

The main question is how to change code to make stepper runs a large number (more 100) shaft revolutions? How to set code to 32-but values or add some loops on 16-bit code that would make repeat Nx16revolutions?

code.txt (1.46 KB)