Trying to move my braccio


My project is to fix a braccio upside down to a linear rail to make it move, and grab object on its way.
I am here because I have no idea on which rail will work with the Arduino and the braccio's shield ... :confused:
If someone already made a project like that I would be happy to heard about it :slight_smile:

thanks for reading me and even more if you help me

You can use a lead screw or a linear rail driven by a belt. I think you are looking for something like this right?

Yes I'm looking for this kind of solution, thanks !
But I'm wondering, as my Arduino is using to control the braccio, I have a shield on it.
Can I still plug the rail's motor on it or do I need a second arduino ?

It depends on how many motors can be hooked up to that shield. If you can spare one motor to drive the rail, then by all means, connect it to the Arduino you have!

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