Trying to plan a midi footcontroller to manage PC and CC for guitar performance


I joined here in search of some guidance on an arduino based footcontroller.

I use iOS and its many music production apps for digital sound processing guitar fx.

The apps that I use accept MIDI CC and MIDI PC.

I want to be able to have the switch separated into different regions.

so a set for individual FX to be turned on and off within the preset and to have also buttons to change banks and presets.

also a set of switches to work with the looper.

I will probably design the enclosure to be an arc shape so it can be long.

I would like to be able to assign/reassign codes to switches and knobs and faders without needing to rewrite the arduino code on the computer...just reassign codes using the actual controller itself.

I would like to incorporate an information screen and lcd displays if at all possible to display preset labels or switch scribbles.

Any help is appreciated!

it would be actually incredibly cool If I could use this as a way to display stuff that I dont want the phone out for at all. Or even stuff in the future.

Meaning if I built it around something with a big LCD screen the size of an ipad mini maybe. Then I can see what changes and have an easier time programing the switches etc.