Trying to power an Adafruit Motor Sield 2.0 with external power but doesn't work

Hello dear people of this forums,

I've been lurking for some months now, and after researching I can't seem to find a solution of why my Arduino with an Adafruit Motor Shield on it can't be powered via an external power supply, for example a battery.

Here's a picture of how I actually plugged it:


The Output power of the battery is 12V and 2A. As you can see, it doesn't output anything as the Ampers indicator it's 0. Does anyone know any tip I should check?

I've also read the adafruit page abput how to do it but still no results, I have tried with another motor shield but same result, no power income.

Thanks om advance for reading this post.

II see no motor connected to the shield so there is nothing there to draw any current.

The two wires that come out from the bottom side of the shield are connected to a motor, it works with the voltage of the arduino, but I'm trying to make it work with the external power.

If you want to power everything from the external power then you have to jumper the VIN jumper right above the power terminals. Make sure to observe the voltage callout of 5-12 V. If you go above that you might burnout the regulator on the arduino.