Trying to program a simple button Adafruit RA8875 TFT LCD

Hi, so im completely new to programming tft touchscreens and i cant seem to find very many tutorials or instructions.

When I first setup the lcd i ran the example program and the touch screen worked great in that, but i cannot seem to figure out how they programmed it.

Right now i’m trying to program a simple menu with 4 buttons I know how im gonna do the menu i just have no idea how to program the touchscreen and buttons.

Ive also been trying to get the fonts to work but for some reason the text still displays in the default font.

If someone could please help me out it would be much appreciated!!!

(The first attachment is my program and the second is the example program)

Prog_1.ino (2.99 KB)

ER-TFTM050A2-2Capacitive_touch_tese.ino (110 KB)