Trying to program ATtiny85 with Arduino Pro Micro as ISP.

I am trying to program ATtiny85 using Arduino ISP sketch in Pro Micro, the board with 32u4 chip. Pro micro has being successfully programmed with ISP sketch. The heartbead LED pulses like it is supposed to pulse. But when I'm trying to get my sketch to ATtiny, nothing happens. Pro Micro Rx led blinks several times and nothing. No programming nor error LEDs on ArduISP light. That's how I wired the thing: Pins 7,8,9 are for LEDs, ATtiny socket goes like this:

ATtiny  -- Pro Micro
Reset 1 -- Pin 10
GND   4 -- GND
VCC   8 -- VCC
Pin   7 -- 15 SCK
Pin   6 -- 14 MISO
Pin   5 -- 16 MOSI

Or, looking at ATtiny top side,

10    VCC
GND   16

I have tried putting 10 uF capacitor between Arduino reset and ground. But it doesn't seem to be working, regardless of if the capacitor is there.

Did you ever fix this? I'm stuck at the same point..

Using 1.2MHz when you upload the program if you using default fuse settings.