Trying to recreate the Xena Chakram that splits during flight

Hey guys,

unfortunately I have very limited knowledge about microcontrlolers :( So maybe one of you can help.

My idea is to 3D Print the body of the chakram from the TV Show Xena. (This is the chakram: )

This has the property, that it starts out as one piece but when thrown like a frisbee can seperate in two pieces (and afterwards reunites but, you know ...).

The two options I see at the moment are either using two tabs and some remote controllable lever mechanism or electromagnets that can be disabled when its in the air. Currently I am favoring the electromagnet method and looking for a way to actually make this happen. Obviously I'd like the mechanism that goes in the chakram to be as small as possible so I don't have to make the parts that much bigger than the original piece and the range of the remote control should obviously be more than a meter (although 100m / 328ft would be plenty).

I hope there is someone out there to give me advice on my problem.

Thanks in advance.

PS: Should someone else actually want do this project themselves, I'd be happy to send you the 3D Model I already created in Fusion 360.