Trying to Reflash Bios with Arduino

Hey guys,

I have recently been looking up lots of stuff trying to figure out what I can use to reflash a bios chip with my arduino. Basically it went corrupt a few years back, and I thought it would be a fun project.

The chip in question is a "Amic A290021t-70" and the bios was "Award 1998 PCI/PNP 686". I have found the bios in .bin format. Now my question is is there a way to upload it as a .bin file? And if so what is the process of flashing firmware? Do I need special libraries? Or, should I copy and paste blocks of hex as strings in the arduino and upload them that way? Is this even possible? Can you recommend a good hexadecimal binary editor that lets me copy and paste? The ones I found aren't good.

Sorry this may sound totally impossible or something, I am just theorizing at this point. If you guys have any suggestions for getting this working thanks!


How are you connecting the bios chip to the Arduino?

I have a breadboard I am going to use.

Well count the number of address, data and control bits that the Bios chip requires. I suspect that a standard Arduino doesn't have enough pins to do that without external shift registers, etc. The Arduino Mega could certainly do it and the 1280 chip has internal support for wiring to external memory devices, although no software support is presently available in the Arduino platform.


Thanks for the replies so far guys.

Sorry to bump, it’s just I am kinda on hold right now.