Trying to reflash My Arduino UNO First byte mismatch

Hello! I am trying to reflash my Arduino with the Invetables fork
( GitHub - inventables/grbl: Inventables X-Carve specific Grbl versions: )

Following this guide
( How do I re-flash Grbl to my X-Controller/Arduino? – Inventables )

but when i try verifying/Uploading grblUpload i get several compiler errors

Currently using:
Windows home 64bit on a Laptop
Arduino UNO WiFi REV2
Arduino IDE 1.8.10
Registers emulation: None ( ATMEGA4809 )
Programmer: Arduino as IPS ( Unsure of which one to use )

Get board info gives:
BN: Arduino Uno WiFi Rev2
VID: 0x03eb
PID: 0x2145
SN: 591C9CB4045B3BA0BFE1

Compiler output log is in attached files

Any suggestions on how i can fix this is much appriciated!

CompilerErrorLog.txt (72.9 KB)

GRBL can be very specific as to what board you put it on.

Either a NANO or a UNO.
I suspect the UNO WI-FI is not on that list as it uses additional hardware for the Wi-Fi side and a different MCU.

Would suggest you swap to a regular UNO for GRBL work.


Thank you for your suggestion Bob.

I swapped back to the Arduino UNO board.

Now it compiles fine, I think we can assume that the grbl is not compatible with the UNO WiFI.

But now i get an error on upload.

Attached the Upload Error Log.

Any idea whats wrong?

UploadErrors.txt (27.9 KB)

Common consensus is that the bootloader may be missing.

There are a few ways to fix that.

One is to use an external programmer such as AVRISP or similar.
Another is to use another Arduino as a programmer.

Will move you to the BOOTLOADER section and change your title where I am sure somebody can explain better than me.