trying to send gcode to cnc shield using universal gcode sender

I have a cnc shield like this one

I am using Universal gcode sender to send instructions to a stepper plugged into the x axis.
If I send............ $110=150 G0X15 G1X5F120 a text file built with notepad by clicking on 'browse' loading the file it loads fine. When I press send it crashes with 'an error was detected while sending G0X15 error.Bad number foirmat Streaming has been paused.' (without the $110 instruction it works fine).
If I then reset the gcode sender and press send again it works perfectly.
I am assuming the $110=150 instruction needs time to set the parameters which it has done the second time.
Is there any way round this? I hope to keep altering parameters in the code but assume it will stop at each alteration.
Is there a pause instruction that I could use?

What software is on the Arduino?

If it is GRBL then you should probably ask on a Forum where people are familiar with GRBL - perhaps one of the CNC Forums.


Found it. The instructions I have say G4S5 gives a five second pause and G4P5 gives a five millisecond pause.
It says S is not available in GRBL.
I have found that S just stops the program and, I assume, P gives pause in seconds not milliseconds.
If I put
the program doesn't start for a second but works first time.
Lets see what else I can find.

thanks Robin, yes it is grbl, it is a program designed for the arduino that is why I was asking here first and I usually get better answers here any way.
see here
If I add another $ instruction it still crashes. I will go looking on GRBL sites.

thanks Robin, yes it is grbl, it is a program designed for the arduino

VLC media player is a program that will work on a Windows PC but I doubt if you would ask Microsoft for advice about it.

GRBL is much the same sort of thing.

However if you get better answers here I can't argue with that.