trying to set up a light sensor to run a continuous servo and motor

Hey all,

I am kind of new to arduino. I have so far just worked with the examples on the sheets. So I'm not experienced at all in this. I am trying to wire up a continuous servo that turns when light sensor can 'see' light and turns off when it can't. While at the same time i want a motor to start running when the light sensor can't 'see' light.

It would be really great if anyone could help me set out the wiring and code.

So far i have tried to use the CIRC-09 example sheet but adding the motor and servo on top...but...well...not gonna lie if failed...i don't know where i went wrong either.

Thank in advance to the wonderful gents that help me out


Post your code. Also, what have you got working - can you get any of your components to function in isolation?

I have just been using the example codes from the arduino application.
I haven’t managed to ‘merge’ the code.

And yes i have been able to set up the components on their own, i just can’t get them working together.